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Calypso by The-Red-Envelope Calypso :iconthe-red-envelope:The-Red-Envelope 34 6
The Part Where You Let Go
Last night I had the most vivid, most real and most terrifying dream I have ever experienced. It was both the best and worst dream that I can remember ever having. Which was the problem - I don’t remember my dreams. Not even my nightmares! Ever. I guess that this one just must’ve made sense…
You see, last night’s dream wasn’t really a dream. Or at least, it wasn’t like a good dream or a bad dream or one of those night terrors I used to have as a kid. This dream was more like a reality; I just don’t know how that could be possible. Because last night I found someone that I know to be dead. Yes, DEAD! But there he was, in my bedroom, (or my dream-bedroom, at any rate) just standing there with all his hair grown back and looking more radiant and lively that he had before he’d gotten so sick.
Said boy, Zachary, was a year above me at school and it was only really in eighth grade that I began to take an interest in him. That was before the cancer came
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A Song for You
I wrote a song, for you,
But you dared not to listen.
I wrote a song, for you,
But my lyrics were unheard.
I painted a picture, for you,
But you averted your gaze.
I painted a picture, for you,
But my colours soon faded.
I wove a quilt, for you,
But you huddled in your own blanket.
I wove a quilt, for you,
But my seams were undone.
I crafted a hand, for you,
But you rejected its touch.
I crafted a hand, for you,
But my fingers reached a void.
I walked away, for you,
But you came running after.
I walked away, for you,
But my steps left no footprints.
I looked ahead, for you,
But you took it as my denial.
I looked ahead, for you,
But my gaze strived to be shifted.
I shed a tear, for you,
But you never did care.
I shed a tear, for you,
But now my eyes are bare.
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Mature content
Lexus :iconthe-red-envelope:The-Red-Envelope 1 0
Seeking Solace by The-Red-Envelope Seeking Solace :iconthe-red-envelope:The-Red-Envelope 2 0 Love - 2 by The-Red-Envelope Love - 2 :iconthe-red-envelope:The-Red-Envelope 0 0
She only let him start it in the first place because it was taboo.  If their families weren’t so close that they wouldn’t like it, she never would have touched him.  She had what might be called a strong sexual appetite.  Until it started, she hadn’t known that his basic animal instincts were just as strong.  He was supposed to be like family to her.  He’d sit and talk easily to her parents about his family and his education, just like he had always done as a child.  But he wasn’t a child anymore, and neither was she, and no one seemed to realise.  That was what made the whole thing so damn irresistible.
It wasn’t incest, not a bit of it, but it almost felt that way.  She enjoyed the secret meetings, lying to her parents, saying she was seeing a friend and then going to him.  Usually they stripped noisily in the dark, only catching faint glimpses of each other’s
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Forbidden Love
His heart longs for the love forbidden,
Her bruises spreading like a dark disease,
The shouts of faraway cruelty dividing
The two of them, black from white.
She tastes his affectation, and he feels her skin,
The cloak of the pitch night enshrouding their secret,
Their kiss, their hearts, their bittersweet passion,
A lovers embrace, lost in blindness.
The girl's light skin, pale and soft,
The boy's dark colour forcing him away,
From the very thing he wanted most
And her, powerless to stop it.
They meet again, in the middle of the night,
Two forbidden lovers, not meant for each other,
They did not see their hidden viewer,
They did not hear him gasp at their kiss.
The father strides up, revulsion clear,
He strikes the boy to the ground,
And drags his daughter screaming away
Terror and fear for her forbidden love.
But the white man is not finished with the boy,
He hits and he beats as the black boy cowers,
Until eventually the youth stops moving,
The price of a forbidden love.
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New Secrets by The-Red-Envelope New Secrets :iconthe-red-envelope:The-Red-Envelope 3 4 As Fate Would Have It by The-Red-Envelope As Fate Would Have It :iconthe-red-envelope:The-Red-Envelope 7 1 Waiting for You to Come Home by The-Red-Envelope Waiting for You to Come Home :iconthe-red-envelope:The-Red-Envelope 4 3
A Known Season
As the shadows slip
Across the ground
And the twigs break beneath people’s feet
All the fruits of summer
Are turned to dust
A labor of time which produced
A plethora of beauty,
Awing, all, around it,
And filling
All the senses with a magnitude of power
Known not by any degree or measure
As the sun shone brightly
At great lengths
And the wind blew with an unfelt strength
As though to keep cool
All those encompassed by this radiant presence.
Although now,
All the squirrels have hidden
All the birds are gone
And the bees and butterflies are dead
Killed by the fall.
A death of a wondrous time
And mourning for the beauty lost,
All are aware about, as a presence lingers on the horizon
A cold and dark time
At best, it is beaten by the summer’s worst
A time without life
A time without the sun
A long and horrid time
As the snow falls and the temperature drops
And the wind which had once been a comforter
Alters to become a destructor
Knowing only a throttling grip, and forgetting its s
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Each Day
A dream I poses, no longer my own
A depth within, so deep yet clear
Now a hole upon my heart it lays
Depleting and eating for self gratification
I lose more and more, each day I die
My heart now decreasing, a new lost day
Chained to my soul as not to be left
Unfortunate to me to bleed such blood
Suffering all along, for no reason why
But to one day receive, my unrequited love
That beauty unmatched, so pure her face
Of love and decay, my heart now stares
Watching and waiting, to achieve lost cause
Impossible the mission, unrealistic the prize
Her heart and mine, together at last
No, a dream, now I scream
And bleed again, one day after another
One day and next, each day, I die
:iconthe-red-envelope:The-Red-Envelope 0 0
Once Upon an October
I loved you once upon an October
when millipedes curled up tight
and hid under fallen leaves.
We walked hand in hand in the rain
and wrote our names in the sand.
You loved me once upon an October
when the heart that beat against
your ribs was not yours but mine.
You loved me with coffee-flavoured
kisses and drew hearts on my palms.
We loved once upon an October
when the smell of you still stained
my skin/my soul/my self/me.
We tied knots on a string, one for
each day that passed us by, and found—
October didn’t last for long.
:iconthe-red-envelope:The-Red-Envelope 0 0
Division Unites
I am the Phoenix, you are the Dragon
Together as one, Male and Female
Both creatures of Fire, feisty, full of Passion
Both creatures of Air, free spirited and ever Reborn
We roam the skies together, never letting go
For these skies are ours, and ours alone
:iconthe-red-envelope:The-Red-Envelope 1 0
She Smiles Like You
She smiles like you, crooked and small, subtle, shy. It’s in her lips, her teeth, her eyes, her cheeks: you. And I missed you today, looking at her smile, watching her laugh. Because the sound coming out from between those teeth was not your laugh.
What I wouldn’t give to see you again, feel you again. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. Again and again and again. What I wouldn’t give to be able to ask you: do you think about it, me, us? Do you remember all the kisses and the glances and the laughs. Do you think of me when you hear unromantic songs, random though they may seem, putting meaning into words that mean nothing to you at all. Memories.
She smiles like you, makes me miss you, makes me want to go back and remember and be and try. Try for anything and everything that you can give me. Anything and everything that I didn’t get from you before.
Maybe you’re just my “type,” but maybe you’re more than that. Maybe you’re you and I’m m
:iconthe-red-envelope:The-Red-Envelope 1 0

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Love Making by specialsally Love Making :iconspecialsally:specialsally 2,673 539



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TRE Newletter 13.12.07

Thu Dec 13, 2007, 2:51 PM

Moderator: :iconsaudadina:


Hello everyone !

I'm very sorry for my absence those last two weeks, I had to have surgery and needed a while to recover. But I'm all better now, and back on my computer ! I will get back to all comments and notes as soon as possible, but please don't be angry if it takes me a couple more days.

As you can see, the TRE Newsletter is back !! I would like to start some activities with this club, some of them that were done before and some that are (I think) new :

Romantic idea of the month
The "old" members will undoubtfully recognize this one. The plan is to share with the community an idea you have or have experienced in the romantic area : a sweet gift, a surprising diner,... (I'm kinda lacking examples :)). Careful, I said "romantic", I'm not asking for original kama-sutra positions !
If you have something you want to suggest, send me a note with the subject "Romantic idea of the month". Ideally, I would like to have 4 per month, one each week. If not, then it will be one every month. If I have more than 4, I will select among them and keep the other ones for another month. The idea(s) will be written in the TRE Newsletter that will be at the beginning of every month.

Featuring deviations
On TRE, the members can show their Love-based deviations. But I sometimes see non-members' deviations that I would like to share with everyone. So I decided we could feature some of those deviations. Here is what I propose : If you find an artwork you want to see featured, you can send me a note (subject : Feature deviation) suggesting not more than three deviations. They will of course have to deal with Love. You can send me up to one note every month. I will choose whether those deviations will be featured in the TRE Newsletter or not.
Only members can suggest deviations. You can not suggest one of your work, or another member's one, because members can submit deviaitons to our gallery. Please, when you decide to suggest someone's work, ask the deviant to make sure (s)he doesn't mind!!!!

Here are the new (or not) possibilities in The-Red-Envelope, what do you think of them ? If any of this wasn't clear, do not hesitate to ask.

Take care


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hey ! It's very simple, all you have to do is send a note to the club with the deviation title, a link to the deviation and the comments you want to see in the TRE gallery if you want them to be different than the ones you have in your deviation ! And remember, we accept only Love-based deviations. Waiting to see your work !
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